Saturday, January 9, 2016

3D Death Star papercraft tiles / walls / etc PDF download

(EDIT: I added a new link to the files below, the old link has been removed.)

I had a request to post some of the pdf files that allow printing out and assembling of 3D Death Star scenery for miniatures, as used in my early 3D Death Star posts. The Star Wars miniatures forums at Wizards of the Coast don't exist any more with these files. The files originated from SWMiniatures.Com, but that site appears to have vanished as well. I searched to try and find who created / owns the files, but have so far not found anything out, so I am linking here to allow people to download them.

If you are the owner or creator of these free scenery files, and you do not want me to share them here, please let me know, as I do not want to step on anyone's toes, but I have put the files up here because they are a fantastic resource for miniatures games, and they were released originally for 'free use', and because there appears to be no other remaining source for the files on the internet.

So here's a link to DropBox, where the files can all be accesssed.

For a look at how some of these pieces look like, see my earlier posts with the lambda shuttle, space station, etc: