Saturday, April 16, 2016

Project: Star Wars Imperial Assault skirmish tile boards

I've started another little project today - I'm illustrating maps with a 1.5" grid on my computer, then printing them out in pieces, and gluing the print-outs onto thick cardboard to make page-sized map tiles. Each set of map tiles forms an A1 size map sheet when put next to each other, and each A1 map sheet can be placed adjacent to each other on any side and blend together, so lots of different tabletop layouts can be made.

I'm gluing 3D scenery stuff on top of the print out, which is mat NOT gloss, so it can be seen clearly without things like reflections. These two photos show what I mean - I've just started gluing tufts of miniatures scenery static grass wherever tufts of grass are drawn on the map sheet, so you can see the 3D grass along the right end of this tile. Eventually it will be scattered all across the muddy terrain. The concrete zone is half of a landing pad, onto which I can sit things like a Bandai 1/72 scale Y-Wing model that I've got coming in the mail to assemble and paint up for fun.

Once I've finished, I can then sit 3D scenery objects like walls, crates and barrels, ruins, parked space ships, and all sorts of stuff, onto the map sheets to 3D-ify them. I quite like that I can mix illustrated terrain details, like the landing pad, with 3D objects like trees, walls, and so forth, that can be arranged in different ways each time I play.

I apologise for the quality of the pics in this post, I snapped them with my Ipad because I didn't have my camera on hand.

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