Friday, April 29, 2016

Model Kit: Working on Bandai Y-Wing part #2

First, here's some pics. I'm working on the body section.

The small detail bits like piping and stuff are actually separate pieces I had to plug into the model! Here's one of the sprues showing lots of tiny pieces. Each tiny pieces has little plugs jutting out of them that you plug into holes in the model to click them into place!

Here's the 35mm scale Fantasy Flight Games R2-D2 figure, next to the 1:72 scale astromech model. The tiny astromech I am guessing to be between 20mm and 25mm figure scale. You can choose to have an R2 or R5 head on it, an I've always liked thee flat-conical tops on R5's so I chose that to be my astromech. Luckily, as I said, everything clicks together - I haven't tried it yet, but I should be able to pull the head off and swap it if I felt like it.

My first disappointment with the kit so far:

The slot the astromech goes into, in the body of the Y-Wing, is assembled in such a way as you have to have an astromech in it, or not, you can't pull the droid in and out of the ship! This is because when assembling the model, it sandwiches the body of the droid in place, and then you attach the droid's head.

Once the ship is assembled, if the droid's body is in there, you can't get it out. So I had to choose - do I want the model to have a droid in it, or do I want to have a miniature figure of the droid, and I chose to keep the droid out of the ship's slot. They really should have made the construction of the ship such that you could place or remove the droid as you pleased, rather than it being one or the other.

However, other than that, everything is going well so far.

One thing I should have noted on the last post, is that the cockpit stickers that come with it can not be used by default - the cockpit has 3D sculpted dials and buttons. To use the illustrated sticker control panel, you would have to cut / sand off all the sculpted details! I thought that was really odd, and I chose to have a painted cockpit rather than using the stickers.

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