Thursday, April 28, 2016

Model Kit: Working on Bandai Y-Wing #1

I've got my 1/72 scale Bandai Y-Wing in the mail now and am working on it. It's a neat kit, because no glue is required, all the parts are a designed to push and clip into one another such that it doesn't fall apart, but if enough pressure is applied, the parts can be re-separated. The neat thing about no glue, is that I accidentally joined some pieces together, only to realise, they were supposed to sandwich with another piece in the middle. I was able to separate them, insert the missing piece, and put the parts back together again. You can't do that with a glue kit!

Here's some pics:

The cockpit was black plastic, I painted it medium gray and washed it black to bring out all the details.

Here I've painted all the cockpit control panel lights. The yellow section came in yellow plastic, but I will be painting over the top of all the plastic's colours, so that a wash and more details will stick.

Here I've assemble the canopy, and have sat parts of the body section that I've assembled behind it as well. I've painted the blue-grey onto the window frames, and painted a more goldy yellow over the yellow plastic, but haven't painted white over the rest of the plastic yet.
The big figure is a regular 35mm star wars figure. The unpainted little figure beside is the figure that came with the y-wing, which is around 20mm in size. The figure in the middle in the flight suit is a Micro Machines figure, and Princess Leia is a West End Games figure, who is around 25mm scale.

So here's some of the early Star Wars miniatures from West End Games, in 25mm scale. I hadn't really painted stuff before, back then, so this is an example of my very early painting. No washes or anything. I seem to remember I used a black felt-tip pen to colour in the black lines on the stormtrooper uniforms :)

So I've worked out the Micro Machines and West End Games scale miniatures are a close fit for the 1/72 scale model kits of Star Wars stuff. I'm thinking of collecting more model kits, and more 25mm scale star wars figures, to make zoomed-out large scale battlefields with 3D scenery. Almost every major ship and vehicle in Star Wars has a 1/72 scale model kit available, which makes it a great scale for fancy looking battlefields.

West End Games Star Wars Miniatures was one of the first miniatures games I collected, back in 1991, but I could only afford a handful of figures and the rule book (I was just a teenager, and had no funds!) so I never got to play the award winning game. Unlike the other Star Wars miniatures games, the West End Games game was designed for large scale battlefields covered with squads of troops and vehicles.

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