Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Imperial Assault: Stormtrooper and Elite Heavy Stormtrooper

Back when I got Imperial Assault I painted a couple figures, but really wanted to play, so I stopped painting and just played with unpainted figures. I only had one table, so I couldn't do both. Then I had to use the table for something else. I'm going to be playing some more Imperial Assault games again soon, so I've set up my paints again and am hoping to paint up a fair few more figures this time.

Stormtroopers are easy enough - paint white everywhere, wash the whole figure thickly in black, with extra coat on the gun and gloves, then re-paint over the white panels to brighten them back up again.

For the Elite Heavy Stormtrooper, I've done them up again as with my Elite Stormtroopers, as a Shock Trooper design, painting red battle markings onto the armour.

1 comment:

  1. The red on the Heavy Stormtrooper is superb; you've traced out a really cool pattern on the helmet. Good luck with the rest of your painting!