Thursday, April 21, 2016

Imperial Assault: Diala Passil step by step, another illumination experiment

Step by step painting Diala Passil with an experiment in lighting / shading the model from the white lightsaber.

(scroll to the bottom to see the finished photo)

Painting Darth Vader was a lot of fun, trying to work out how to suggest that the lightsaber was glowing. I wanted to try an even bigger effect with this figure, who is holding their saber high, behind them and over one shoulder. Here's the steps I went through:

Step One:
Paint the whole figure in bright white paint. I thinned it a little with water so as not to lose too much detail when undercoating.

Step Two:
I then applied solid colours to the main areas of the model.

Step Three:
The next step was a black wash over the whole model to bring out all of the details. I love how much detail there is in all these figures!

Step Four:
Now I go back over all the colour areas, repainting all the parts of the model but trying not to paint over the shadow folds and dips that the wash created. I try to make any surface facing upwards a bit brighters than areas that face forward or downward.

Step Five:
Beginning to try out illumination. I took a tiny bit of white paint on the tip of my brush and put it on a plastic palette. Then I dipped it in water and mixed water with it, repeatedly, until it was a thin wash, and washed the back of the model around the lightsaber.

Step Six:
I made sure to add white wash to the side of her face, facing the lighsaber, and her lekku, and the top surface of her arm, and the top-facing edges of the cloak.

Step Seven:
I added another black washe over all the parts of the model that would be in shadow, anything on the opposite side of her body from the lightsaber.

Step Eight:
I added more white wash on the parts closest to the lighsaber, and a little black / red wash to the lower parts of the cloak further away from the lightsaber.

Step Nine:
I finished with another black wash coat on the parts of her body facing away from the lightsaber to finish off. This shows the shadow side of the figure, facing away from the lightsaber.

The finished model - this photo had lighting from above and from the front, from the lights in my room, but the black and white washes make it look like a strong side light coming in from the right, and make the underside of the cloak and the opposite side of her body look like they are in shadow.

Compare it to the first photo on this blog post, they were both taken with identical lighting, and you can see that the shadow and brightness are part of the paint job.

It was a lot of fun trying to make it look this way, but I think I still need more practice to make the glow softer and more natural looking.

Parts like the side of the knee, the top of the feet, the top of her chest, etc, are simply areas that I kept the additional black washes away from, so that they remained bright.

I like how it turned out, but because the saber is behind her, it means most of the front of the model is in shadow, so if you look from the front, it is a pretty dark looking figure on the table. But I do like the highlighting of the side of her face / lekku, and top of arm / cloak edges, and it was fun trying to work out the lighting effect.

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