Saturday, September 12, 2015

Imperial Assault - Even Bad Guys have Class

So, it's not just the rebel player who gets to pick what sort of hero they will be. The Imperial player gets to pick what kind of Imperial Leader they are. For the first campaign play through, learning how to play the campaign, I have picked "Technological Superiority".

My Imperial is a Tech Expert!

Depending on what kind of Imperial Leader is chosen, different types of things will be happening during the campaign, adding a whole new flavour to the battles in each mission, and just like the Rebel player gains powers and abilities as they progress, the Imperial player gains new abilities as well!

It's all these amazing game-changing choices and changes that are littered throughout the game that make Imperial Assault such a fun game, such a varied game, and make it so that there are so many different ways in which a campaign could play out each time you play through the game.

Minor Spoiler about an ability the Imperial player might get to use in the game. If you are a rebel player, and want to be surprised by some of the things that the Imperials might get to do in the game, then don't read further.

It's amazing how these Imperial Classes add a whole flavour to the campaign, because one of the first things I have unlocked as a Tech Guy is Jetpacks. None of the other Imperial classes get this, just the Tech Guy.

Jetpacks mean that all troopers from now on - whether just stormtroopers, or heavy troopers, or whatever, now have Jetpacks for the whole campaign, granting them the Mobility ability! Suddenly they can sail over other figures without paying extra movement costs, or leap up on top of a blocking object to shoot down on their foes, and skip over the top of impassable features, and all sorts of cool stuff like that.

In this campaign, the rebels face an army of jet troopers! How cool is that? Who knows what they might face in a different campaign? We'll have to wait and see!

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