Monday, May 5, 2014

Return of Paul with Star Wars Lego

May the force be with me! So many pieces, and I just had to ignore the instructions and instead of working on one bag at a time, I opened up all the bags and sorted the pieces!

Growing up with Lego, all I can say is, wow! The minifigures are amazingly detailed compared to the 80's kits I used to play with, and the quality of the plastic is so shiny and fine detailed. I wondered a bit at the price of Lego these days, but I'm happy now that I've got the pieces in my hands :)

I'm beginning on the icy world of HOTH!

On another note, I'm just a few hours away from getting a big model (an iconic Episode IV starship) for less than half the going price, by bidding on a second hand auction that has all pieces and instructions! That will be amazing if I can pick that one up, at that price, but I'll post more on that at a later date.

Coming in the mail still are some smaller spaceships, so the Star Wars Lego Fun Train is just beginning!

What will be really awesome, is trying out the Star Wars Miniatures Battles game using Lego instead of normal star wars miniatures, and maybe building up some star base interiors or something for them to battle it out in. I'd love to have a Lego ice-world scenario with imperial troops coming down on a hidden rebel base, with interiors for half the table, and exteriors for the other half, and hangers with Lego spaceships and stuff. Could be fun!

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  1. Hello I love your stuff but because you just posted after 9 months I was wondering if your brother might post on his blog simsreamofbattleboard it has been 8 months and I was starting to get worried that the blog was dead. I love the lord of the rings SBG reports he writes. Please ask him to post just a few words to tell us he is still there. Thanks