Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Return of Pauls Star Wars Miniatures

Hi world! I'm back, after a long break having been doing other mini game things. This time, instead of the Wizards of the Coast miniatures game, I am now loving the Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing Miniatures Game - courtesy of a birthday present from my family :)

If you don't know anything about the X-Wing Miniatures Game, there's three things you need to know about it.

1) It is Star Wars !!!

2) It is in Space !!!

3) It is fantastic fun !!!

Here's some pics of my stuff so far!

I'm not sure how I'd describe all the details, but there's heaps of reviews about the net, and if you go to the Fantasy Flight Games website, look in their Miniatures Section, and look in the Support section for X-Wing Miniatures Game, they've got four quicktime movies, that give you an idea of what it's all about. I really recommend the videos, they're very flashy and fancy, with sound effects and dramatic voice over, and I've watched them a fair few times just because I think they're really neat.

Anyhow, I got the starter set, which contains one X-Wing and two Tie Fighters, for space duelling. I've ordered a couple extra ships too now (they come in little expansion packs, containing extra counters, cards, upgrades, equipment, etc, to add to your collection).

Then I set about making a battle mat - I found a massive image from the Hubble Telescope of a starry red nebula, sized it for my table top, and printed it out. I used a free program off the net called PostRazor, which takes a large image, then cuts it up to fit on A4 pages (or other sizes) and makes a PDF file. You then print out the PDF, cut the images out of each page, and sticky tape them together to make your whole image! I laminated them too, to make them water proof, but on the dark image of space, reflections seem to show up a lot, so it's hard to take good photos of unless you angle the camera just right :)

The Corellian Corvette is a community add-on found on Board Game Geek site. I used PosteRazor on it's images to assemble the ship overlay, then you can just place it on your star map and do things like having waves of tie fighters trying to disable it, while x-wings help defend the ship. On Board Game Geek, there are cards for different components for the Corvette, such as turbolasers and shield generators, etc, for the Tie Fighters to try and knock out.

The Planet overlay was an image I found in a Google image search, that I resized, and cut out, for a planet in the background to add interest to the table. I'm also planning to use it for the Senator mission, where an unarmed Shuttle must fly across the board, defended by an X-Wing, while endless Tie Fighters attack. I'm going to make the planet the Shuttle's victory location goal (if it gets there, it wins the game).