Saturday, March 19, 2011

designing 3d colony board

I've recently started using Hirst Arts plaster molds, and a type of plaster called Hydrostone, which is four times stronger than plaster of paris, to start making a space station / mining base / planetary colony in 3D for miniatures games. Mostly, for Space Hulk style games with 40k figures, but also for playing with star wars! Anyway, I've just finalised the colour scheme I'm going with, so here's my test pieces, with a storm trooper. I painted his base metal so it goes with the map :)

The map will (like Space Hulk) be made up of corridor sections and room sections that can be arranged to make any desired map layout for a game, with doors, hatches, ladders, elevators and stuff that can be added onto the map at any location. To read about my making this 3D map project, browse my 40k blog here:
Once it's done, I'll be sure to blog some star wars stuff on here with the 3D maps :)

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