Sunday, January 16, 2011

washing troops and colouring elites

I've applied a devlin mud wash to all the hoth troopers, and a badab black wash to all the snowtroopers. It will be a bit before they are fully dry, but I wanted to post a photo of the group in progress. I also got some shadow grey (a bluish colour) and some blazing orange, and I coloured the shoulder pads / shoulder bands of the elites, to make them into 'squad captains'. Basically, a bit of colour to set them apart more from the troops. I was watching Star Wars IV, and in mos eisley, only the trooper giving orders seemed to have orange pads, the others had black pads, so I decided that command figures will have coloured pads to set them apart from troops. It also makes it easier to spot them when glancing around the table top.

Anyway, here's some pics! As always, click on them for full image.


  1. Great idea! I am working on the same. Do you have an idea how you are going to do the bases?
    James Mattes

  2. Haven't decided yet. I'd like to have snow bases to match my snow board, but it's a bit messy and time consuming doing the whole glue/sugar thing, and at the moment, I'm just leaving them black plastic. However, I'm sure I'll turn their figure bases into a project at some stage!