Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow test

I've wanted a proper snow table for putting my snowtroopers and hoth troopers on, as well as for playing other miniatures games with, and have been thinking of ways to do it, other than my current method - which is a white bedsheet spread across the table.

I came upon a tutorial:

I don't have all those materials, but I thought I'd do an experiment, and tomorrow I'll see how it turned out!

I mixed white glue with a little bit of white paint and citedal asurman blue ink wash, and mixed that paste with castor sugar. I then spread it onto a miniatures base, which I then piled castor sugar on top of. I'm hoping the castor sugar will form a crust on top, when left over night, then I can brush off the loose sugar. To stop ants attacking it, I can spray the whole thing with dull coat or something. Anyway, I'll see how it turns out when I remove the loose sugar from on top tomorrow.

I forgot to take a photo of the paste mixture, but here's a pic showing the base covered in the paste, and then sugar piled on top. A very snowy appearance so far!

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