Sunday, January 9, 2011

snow environment project

I did some more work today, trying to find a good snow-looking system for basing figures - that could also be applied on a large scale to make a snow table. The idea is to get sheets of foamboard, and make snowy plains. It won't be pure Hoth, there will be tufts of grass, bits of stone, maybe some patches of grass and gravel flocking, so it goes with a range of games and figures.

Anyway, I brushed off the loose castor sugar today, and the result was pretty hard. I still wanted a glossier, icier look to it though, and I wanted a protective coating over the castor sugar, so that insects wouldn't be attracted to it, so I brushed white glue on top as an additional layer which will remain unpainted - so it retains a reflective sparkle about it.

Anyway, I think it's almost finished drying now, so I took a photo of my test figure. I quite like the texture of it, sort of a lumpy, frosty white :) Around the sides, it has a kind of bubbled look to it, not sure about that, but I like the top surface a lot!

Anyway, here's my star wars cold weather forces that I am going to do at the moment. I divided some hoth trooper and snowtrooper forces into squads of four soldiers with a commander. The commander is just a different variation of the figure, on a round base. Then there's two tripod guns for each force.

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