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Battle Report: Icy Power Station

(Edit: 13/Jan/2011: I forgot to write what happened on Turn Six. I've added that final turn now to this report)

In the snowy plains of Korr, rebels and imperial forces fight for control of resources and various complexes. Two groups encounter each other near a rebel power station, as a snow storm grows fiercer around them. The station must be held against the imperial assault at any cost!

Special Rules:
A d20 is set to 15. This represents 15" of range in which a unit can see - and fire upon - another unit. Every turn, the storm grows worse, and this number counts down, making units have to get closer to one another to be able to shoot. To make things worse, it is getting colder, and another die counts down until anyone caught outside will begin to freeze to death. There are 12 turns to win the fight, or die! If a side wins the battle, they can use nearby shelters to survive the worst of the storm, and await for reinforcements to come and take full control of the power station.

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Here's the map setup:

Each squad has four troopers and an elite trooper. In this scenario, it is cold weather troops (hoth figures and snowtroopers).

Each turn, there is a movement phase, and a firing phase. In the movement phase, whoever rolls priority (highest roll) moves their figures first, then the opponent moves their figures. In the firing phase, anyone who can fire does so. It is considered to take place 'simultaneously' so if someone is killed, lie them on their side, but they can still shoot as normal in the firing phase. After all possible shots are fired, then dead people are removed. Wounds are marked with red gemstone counters.

Turn One
Storm Level 1 / Visibility 15"
Priority: Rebels
The rebels advance along both sides of the board, heading for suitable cover. The Imperials do the same.
Since both sides ran full distance, no shooting takes place this turn. Arrows show where units moved from to their end-of-turn positions.

Turn Two
Storm Level 2 / Visibility 14"
Priority: Imperials

On the right side, snowtroopers stand firm behind barrel cover, ready to fire upon the rebels. On the left, the snowtroopers advance, moving for a small hill and higher ground. (I play that units above other units can ignore the cover defence of enemies for normal cover, but still have the cover penalty with heavy cover.)
Meanwhile, the rebels make themselves secure behind cover, while on the left, some move behind the heavy cover of some large rubble.

Luck is with the rebels in the firing phase! Only one rebel gets injured, and it takes 2 hits to kill a trooper, a 3 hits to kill an elite. On the Imperial side, five snowtroopers are struck by blaster fire! Red gems show who has taken damage.

Turn ThreeStorm Level 3 / Visibility 13"
Priority: Imperials again!

On the right, an elite snowtrooper and another trooper move out from behind the barrels, and forward to some more cover - the reduced visibility beginning to effect firing ranges. On the left, the other elite and a snowtrooper start to flank up the left side of the board, while other snowtroopers move up onto the high ground of the hill, to shoot over the rebels' cover. The rebels stay pretty much where they were, except for two on the right who must similarly move forwards from their cover, to enter the reduced weapon ranges.

In the firing phase, two snowtroopers and one rebel are slain. Another rebel takes a wound, but it is only his first. On the left, the elite rebel behind heavy cover is shot from the side by a snowtrooper on the hill - the cover doesn't protect him from that direction!

Turn Four
Storm Level 4 / Visibility: 12"
Priority: Rebels

The rebels on the left, behind the heavy cover, try to arrange themselves better to fight the incoming flankers. Meanwhile, the two rebels out in the open charge forwards to some rubble, opposite two snowtroopers. The imperials stay firing from their current positions, except for the two flanking up the side, who move around past the heavy cover the rebels were in before.

Three snowtroopers go down in a hail of fire, while more take wounds from the rebels. The elite snowtroopers are lucky in that they need three hits to kill them. Only a couple of rebels take hits, the rest manage to avoid attacks.

Turn Five
Storm Level: 5 / Visibility: 11"

Breaking Point: Half of the snowtroopers have been slain. When a force reaches half strength, all figures must roll, every turn, and get 15 or less to stay in the battle (or the flee - that is, 'strategically withdraw'). They all pass this courage test.

Priority: Rebels
The rebels are heavily wounded, but still in the fight - and encouraged by the strong losses on the imperial side. The rebels on the right and in the middle maintain their firing positions, though soon they will have to move, with the worsening storm, to enter weapon ranges. On the left, the two rebels being flanked head right, toward the middle of the board and better cover options.

The flanking snowtroopers have now passed the heavy cover, and are in the rear, behind all the rebels - a good position to attack from - if they can stay in the battle long enough.

In the firing phase, over on the right an elite snowtrooper falls dead behind the barrels. Meanwhile, the flanking snowtroopers on the left take out a rebel trooper!

Turn Six
(EDIT: I just realised I forgot to write turn six on here - during the Breaking phase, at the start of the turn, two of the snowtroopers ran away! This meant the force was now reduced to just 1/5 of their starting number, causing the remaining imperials flee the battlefield.)

End Of Game
The Imperials are now at 1/5 strenght (2 remaining out of 10 troops), and the battle is over. The imperials, seeing they cannot win against much greater number, flee the battlefield. The rebels maintain contol over the power station, and take shelter from the dangerous storm. After the storm has passed, rebel reinforcements arrive to dig in and fortify the position.

Victory for the Rebels!

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