Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AT-AT: testing size of snow boards

Just testing the overall size of the board. It still hasn't dried fully, it's a little sticky to touch, but I've found that it doesn't come off anymore if touched, so it's safe to sit things on it anywhere - temporarily - at the moment.

The map can be made longer, but thinner, if put end to end, instead of sitting the boards width-ways against each other, but I'll try that later. I think a long, thin map, would be good for vehicles, with more room to move between opposing ends, while the current layout (short, wide map) would be better suited for squads of infantry.

It's only 2.5 feet by 3 feet layed out this way (I think) so it's a lot smaller than many large-scale wargaming tables, and probably not suitable for armies with 50 soldiers in them - but this size is still lots of room to manoeuvre with smaller squads of figures, and should be quite interesting with lots of scenery and cover objects scattered across it.

I sat some gravel from our driveway to be larger boulders - they're the same colour as the smaller citedal 'slate' gravel I glued to the board earlier. I figure the larger boulders can be kept loose, and simply scattered on the board after scenery objects have been placed. I'm not gluing them on, because that would permanently limit how scenery could be laid out.

The black border is just the non-slip underlay of the Citedal grass 'battlemat'. (I just liked the look of having a black border beneath the boards)

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