Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Map Tiles for enemy bases and Solitaire Robot Wars Game

I came across a super-cheap downloadable and printable tile set on that has 15 pages of corridor and room pieces. Cutting them out, you can lay them out to make a map, in a very 'space hulk' kind of way.

product can be found at:

Here's some photos of my progress today, having printed them out, and now randomly putting them together to form a map. For a background, I turned my grass battle mat from games workshop upside down, to show the black non-slip underside, and put the tiles on top of that. I'm blu-tacking them down, since they're just standard print on paper, so that stops them curling or moving.

Tiles being cut out.

starting to assemble a random map.

some more rooms and corridors added to the table.

I'm making my own solitaire combat game, using star wars minis, called "Star Wars: The Robot Wars". Basically, hordes of robots on giant shielded ships are coming to conquer the worlds of the star wars galaxy, after the Emperor has fallen, and the weary rebels and imperial remnant forces are entering the post-Return of the Jedi era.

Instead of the story of the books, there is a massive robot war.

The ships are protected from torpedoes and starship weapons. The only solution is to pick an elite team of figures, and to board the robot ship.

On each level (a random map or corridors and rooms) counters are placed. When line of sight to a counter happens, it is turned over, revealing what sort of enemy is at that location. A robot trooper (using Sith Troopers from Knights of the Old Republic), an elite robot trooper (using Super Battle droids) or an AI Controller (using an Imperial Probe Droid). The AI Controller directs the actions of all robots on this area of the ship, so defeat him and the level is complete, and you move to the next level of the ship - where enemies appear in greater numbers, with increasing numbers of elite robots appearing.

To win, you have to reach the heart of the ship and destroy the Ship Master - a giant killer robot thing that I haven't decided on a figure for yet, that controls the ship. Take it out, and all the robots on the ship become lifeless, and the ship comes to a stop and powers down.

There are thousands of these mammoth ships, and you can play the game with any assortment of figures other than the enemy forces figures - some remnant and rebel forces will even team together to fight this threat to the known galaxy.


  1. Looks like a great idea. Have you thought of laminating the tiles? I've done that with a lot of the SkeletonKey game tiles I've printed and they're durable and blue-tac works great in holding them still.

  2. That's a good idea. I was just thinking yesterday how a spilled drink would mean having to print and cut out tiles all over again.