Thursday, October 7, 2010

'League of Stars' Soldier

Sometimes I just don't feel right making up my own campaign story, and using star wars minis, because the story isn't a part of star wars canon, but the minis are so obviously star wars that using them for other 'universes' just doesn't feel right.

I'm grabbing a handful of spare Clone Troopers, and painting them into "League of Stars" soldiers for my 'humanity vs robot uprising' game. I'm still using KOTOR Sith Troopers as "synthetic human" robot soldiers, because I don't think 'star wars' when I see them. Star Wars for me is more the original trilogy of movies, so I can look at them and think 'robot soldier' without a problem.

So, I'm grabbing handfuls of spare figures (and I found a place I can buy individual figures super cheap) and am customising them into figures for a mini-game sort of like space hulk, but human soldiers vs hordes of robots.

Since clone trooper miniatures also come with commander, grenadier, sniper and heavy weapon variants, I can make one of each to be 'upgrades' when building a squad for a mission.

I've gone for a yellow and red paint scheme for humans, and painted the front of the clone trooper helmets in black, to make it look like the visor of a space helmet :) Now I can play non-star wars story missions, using the awesome star wars miniatures, without the whole starwarsiness of the figures losing my immersion in the game. I suppose that's what's great about star wars miniatures figures being so cheap and so readily available!

League of Stars Soldier:

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