Saturday, October 30, 2010

battlefield in a box

I've started collecting a range of non-scale specific 'flames of war' battlefield-in-a-box terrain pieces. They were designed for a world war ii game called flames of war, which I think is 15mm miniatures, but if you just use the terrain scenery pieces (not the buildings and stuff) they work with any scale just fine!

So far I've got the river box, which has lengths of river that tile together to go horizontally or vertically across a table. It also comes with two bridges (one stone, one wood), and some of the river sections have 'ford' crossing areas.

Then there are hill sets which can be flocked if desired. I left them raw rock, so they go with grass, sand or snow just fine. This photo has the small hills set, which is two small pre-painted rocky hills.

Then there are the pine woods sets. These per flocked/painted pine tree bases were from the small pine woods box set. I have two of those boxes, for a total of 12 tree bases. (The smaller individual trees are model railroad trees I had years ago.)

The grass mat is the old games workshop gaming mat. I don't think they sell those anymore, I came across one on a shelf in a hobby store, and it was still in perfect condition :)

They Battlefield In A Box sets have some other stuff too. There's a large pine woods box (which I don't have) that has much taller trees in it, but I like these ones, because they fit in with my 10 and 15 mm miniature games as well as things like battletech. Anyway, here's a photo showing some of these pre-painted terrain features, that come ready to just stick on the table and play!

Friday, October 8, 2010

'League of Stars' Squad

Here's my little custom squad of painted clone troopers for a home-rules 'humans vs hordes of robots' game.
I've done three soldiers, and a squad commander. At some stage I'll do a grenadier, sniper and heavy weapons guy, to expand the squad. The player will be able to select only one special weapon character to add to their squad, bringing it to 5 soldiers.

I wish my camera was more accurate in its color capture, they aren't as glowy/flourescent as they appear in this photo. (or perhaps it's just my monitor settings?)
(click on pictures for full size)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

'League of Stars' Soldier

Sometimes I just don't feel right making up my own campaign story, and using star wars minis, because the story isn't a part of star wars canon, but the minis are so obviously star wars that using them for other 'universes' just doesn't feel right.

I'm grabbing a handful of spare Clone Troopers, and painting them into "League of Stars" soldiers for my 'humanity vs robot uprising' game. I'm still using KOTOR Sith Troopers as "synthetic human" robot soldiers, because I don't think 'star wars' when I see them. Star Wars for me is more the original trilogy of movies, so I can look at them and think 'robot soldier' without a problem.

So, I'm grabbing handfuls of spare figures (and I found a place I can buy individual figures super cheap) and am customising them into figures for a mini-game sort of like space hulk, but human soldiers vs hordes of robots.

Since clone trooper miniatures also come with commander, grenadier, sniper and heavy weapon variants, I can make one of each to be 'upgrades' when building a squad for a mission.

I've gone for a yellow and red paint scheme for humans, and painted the front of the clone trooper helmets in black, to make it look like the visor of a space helmet :) Now I can play non-star wars story missions, using the awesome star wars miniatures, without the whole starwarsiness of the figures losing my immersion in the game. I suppose that's what's great about star wars miniatures figures being so cheap and so readily available!

League of Stars Soldier:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Map Tiles for enemy bases and Solitaire Robot Wars Game

I came across a super-cheap downloadable and printable tile set on that has 15 pages of corridor and room pieces. Cutting them out, you can lay them out to make a map, in a very 'space hulk' kind of way.

product can be found at:

Here's some photos of my progress today, having printed them out, and now randomly putting them together to form a map. For a background, I turned my grass battle mat from games workshop upside down, to show the black non-slip underside, and put the tiles on top of that. I'm blu-tacking them down, since they're just standard print on paper, so that stops them curling or moving.

Tiles being cut out.

starting to assemble a random map.

some more rooms and corridors added to the table.

I'm making my own solitaire combat game, using star wars minis, called "Star Wars: The Robot Wars". Basically, hordes of robots on giant shielded ships are coming to conquer the worlds of the star wars galaxy, after the Emperor has fallen, and the weary rebels and imperial remnant forces are entering the post-Return of the Jedi era.

Instead of the story of the books, there is a massive robot war.

The ships are protected from torpedoes and starship weapons. The only solution is to pick an elite team of figures, and to board the robot ship.

On each level (a random map or corridors and rooms) counters are placed. When line of sight to a counter happens, it is turned over, revealing what sort of enemy is at that location. A robot trooper (using Sith Troopers from Knights of the Old Republic), an elite robot trooper (using Super Battle droids) or an AI Controller (using an Imperial Probe Droid). The AI Controller directs the actions of all robots on this area of the ship, so defeat him and the level is complete, and you move to the next level of the ship - where enemies appear in greater numbers, with increasing numbers of elite robots appearing.

To win, you have to reach the heart of the ship and destroy the Ship Master - a giant killer robot thing that I haven't decided on a figure for yet, that controls the ship. Take it out, and all the robots on the ship become lifeless, and the ship comes to a stop and powers down.

There are thousands of these mammoth ships, and you can play the game with any assortment of figures other than the enemy forces figures - some remnant and rebel forces will even team together to fight this threat to the known galaxy.