Wednesday, May 19, 2010

swappable terrain figure bases

[edit: after some testing of this, I have discovered that the blu-tack causes flocking materials to pull off of the base, even though they are glued down, with another coat of watered down glue glazed on top later, so blu-tacking figures to swappable bases doesn't work after all. I suppose it would be fine if the bases were simply painted flat, with no surface material attached to them, but I do like the look of static grass and pebbly stuff on the bases...)

I had an idea, and tried it out with some figures I don't often use. Basically, the star wars miniatures just have their feet glued to a black plastic base. I like the look of flocked bases with other miniatures games, so I cut the figures off the bases, and had this idea of having swappable bases, depending on the type of map you are playing on! A grassy field, blu-tack the figure to a grassy flocked base. A muddy wasteland, blu-tack the figure to a muddy base. Snowy plains? Blu-tack the figure to a snowy base. When playing on a different battlefield, just pull off the figure, and blu-tack him onto an appropriate miniatures base!

Here's a shot showing four types of bases, testing with this figure.

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