Friday, April 2, 2010

more ice world gaming

My 3D hoth map wasn't working out as I wanted. Having difficulty with the base's inner walls. While I think of other ways to do this, I had some more gaming fun. Making use of the hanger entrance, I created a battlefield 'outside a rebel base'. The imperials must defeat the outer defenders, before they can blast down the base doors and storm inside.
The forces on the table are just for decoration at the moment. I've got some more hoth and snowtrooper forces coming in the mail, and am still waiting for my star wars miniatures Golan turrets, atgar cannons, e-web blasters, AT-ST's, an AT-AT, and so forth, to arrive in the mail as well.
Anyway, before forces are selected for a battle (using what figures I currently own), I took this shot :)

(As always, clicking on blog pictures shows a bigger size image)

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