Monday, April 5, 2010

Imperial Heavy APC

I've been looking at all the star wars universe vehicles in the entries at I usually play star wars miniatures without a 1" grid, in wilderness battles like any other tabletop wargame. I was thinking other than a handful of speeders, the AT-ST and the AT-AT, there aren't really any rebellion era vehicles in the miniatures game.

So, looking at the vehicles from teh computer games, comics, and novels, I'm picking some and attempting to make cardstock models of them in semi-scale to the miniatures, to expand my tabletop gaming :) If successful, I will probably make such models available for downloading with some instructions, for any other star wars miniatures gamers who also want to add vehicle combat into their games.

I'm beginning with troop transports for the rebels and imperials. The first model I'm going to work on, is the Imperial Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier. It was apparantly seen in the game Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. I think it would be a great way to spruce up my battlefields, with an imperial deployment zone containing one of these vehicles per 8 stormtroopers (I play with 4-man squads, so two squads per transport). So, with my figures, that would be three of these vehicles, to bring 24 stormtroopers onto the battlefield. The personnel tray jutting out of the middle of the vehicle carries the infantry. I'm tempted to make the tray slide in and out, so that I can actually put 8 miniatures inside the vehicle, when carrying them around, and slide it out and deploy the troopers when the game begins.

Anyway, here's a pic showing my current 3D model design, optimised for turning into a cardstock model, with a picture of a stormtrooper for rough scale comparison. Below it is the picture of the actual Heavy APC from the computer game. It has two swivel turrets at the front, and one repeating blaster mounted on the roof.