Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another MLC-3B

On the forums, we've decided the Kenner toy is the 'big brother' of the MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannons, since the actual MLC-3 is pretty small, and in miniatures scale, the Kenner toy is tank size. So, I'm calling it the MLC-3B, and treating it as a twin firing tank. Still working out the stats and point cost, but getting closer to something workable. Anyhow, here's a pic showing my latest aquisition - a second MLC-3B in better condition than the old one that I found in my attic. The new one is still nice and white. It even still had the clear plastic bubble dome over the cockpit, but I've taken it off so that the two tanks match visually, and so it's easy to put figures in it. As always, clicking on a photo shows you the larger image.

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