Thursday, April 22, 2010

3D imperial base levels / death star levels continued

Last post for tonight, before I go to bed. Getting close to finishing my imperial starbase 3D map board. As I mentioned earlier, the rooms are all modular, meaning that there is a blank floor grid, and then the rooms are stand-alone 3D objects that can be placed on the floor grid in any layout to make the level. I love how it's coming along.

Got the 3D papercraft walls and computers off of the official star wars miniatures website at If you're interested, just search the posts there for Death Star 3D and you should find the discussion on it, and links to the pdf files of the pieces. Some of my map is custom pieces of mine, and for example, the deep shaft with bridge that Obi Wan is standing on is actually the 2D illustrated tile from the original box set, modified by me for my map.

Anyway, here's the latest view of my map! As always, clicking on the picture gives a bigger image.

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