Saturday, April 24, 2010

More 3D Map Fun - Imperial Ground Base

Removing the 'hanger' area, rotating the map, and added a grassy forest area, makes it into a surface base on some planet! Works great this way as well :)

The AT-ST guarding this base has been sabotaged! Now is the chance for the rebels to strike!

Friday, April 23, 2010

rebel spies in stormtrooper armour

I tried my hand at simple miniature customising today, with a headswap on some stormtroopers. I had an old bespin guard, and some clone wars figure, that I never use, so I took their heads, and turned them into Rebel Spies for my Imperial Starbase scenarios.

I'm making a solitaire mini game, where stormtroopers randomly patrol to waypoint markers placed on the map. One or Two spies (depending on scenario) must do things like download data from computers, shut down shield defence, rescue prisoners, and stuff like that. I'll make a dozen or so custom 'spy' stat cards, that have different stats, skills and abilities. Then a mission is picked, and the selected spy can try to carry it out! If a stormtrooper gets too close to them, a roll is made to see if the disguise is seen through, and there's possible combat, or things like stormies running to set off alarms, etc.

I made a generic sci-fi spy game along these lines a couple of years ago, and plan to take those rules and expand upon them, into a star wars miniatures adventure game :)

Anyway, here's a pic of my two spies in stormtrooper armour.

3D imperial starbase completed!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

3D imperial base levels / death star levels continued

Last post for tonight, before I go to bed. Getting close to finishing my imperial starbase 3D map board. As I mentioned earlier, the rooms are all modular, meaning that there is a blank floor grid, and then the rooms are stand-alone 3D objects that can be placed on the floor grid in any layout to make the level. I love how it's coming along.

Got the 3D papercraft walls and computers off of the official star wars miniatures website at If you're interested, just search the posts there for Death Star 3D and you should find the discussion on it, and links to the pdf files of the pieces. Some of my map is custom pieces of mine, and for example, the deep shaft with bridge that Obi Wan is standing on is actually the 2D illustrated tile from the original box set, modified by me for my map.

Anyway, here's the latest view of my map! As always, clicking on the picture gives a bigger image.

3D death star / imperial base continues

3D Shaft and Bridge in death star / space station

I grabbed the shaft/bridge map tile that came with the original Star Wars miniatures box set, and added 3D elements to it, and a small ledge and computer jutting out from the middle of it. I'd love to find a way to actually have a real pit going down beneath the bridge, but at the moment, the imagery on the floor tile is good enough for me :)

Even more 3d death star / space station

More 3D death star / space station

Downloaded some more pieces, and have added some computers and such to my first room. Now to make some more rooms and passageways!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3d space station / imperial base

I've started making modular rooms that can be laid out on the reverse side of the Star Wars mini's map - the side with the empty map grid on it. The rooms can be placed in different ways, and different orientations to make maps for skirmishing.

I downloaded the walls and doors as part of a collection of star wars pdf's I found in the star wars minis forums here:

The first post links to a file that no longer exists, but further down, another guy has hosted the files. The one's I am using are the files "3D Map Elements 01" and "DS01 Walls". The walls is just a single page you print out lots of times to make walls. I cut the bottom tabs off of them, and sticky taped two walls back to back to make each length of wall, then taped them at the bottom to a square of 8x8 flooring to make my first modular room. The doorways and doors were in the Map Elements file, as well as computer consoles which I have yet to add to the room.

Anyhow, here's the first room as walls and doorways:

Monday, April 19, 2010

just some more star wars pics

I got a nintendo DSi XL console this week! I love it - and it even has built-in camera, among other features. So, I've been taking pics with the DSi today. Here's some more star wars mini pics.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another MLC-3B

On the forums, we've decided the Kenner toy is the 'big brother' of the MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannons, since the actual MLC-3 is pretty small, and in miniatures scale, the Kenner toy is tank size. So, I'm calling it the MLC-3B, and treating it as a twin firing tank. Still working out the stats and point cost, but getting closer to something workable. Anyhow, here's a pic showing my latest aquisition - a second MLC-3B in better condition than the old one that I found in my attic. The new one is still nice and white. It even still had the clear plastic bubble dome over the cockpit, but I've taken it off so that the two tanks match visually, and so it's easy to put figures in it. As always, clicking on a photo shows you the larger image.

SWM AT-AT Walker

Just a quick post today! Got the official AT-AT box set. The model is awesome! This photo isn't the best angle on it, so I'll take more pictures from some games later sometime :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Figures!!!

New figures today!!!

Full complement of hoth troopers, repeating blasters, and officer, with full complement of snowtroopers, E-Web blasters, and officer.
Now I've got Han Solo and Leia as well! Also got a Han Solo in his cold weather gear as well. Still don't have Artoo yet.

Also got Obi-Wan, 2x Rebel Troop Carts, 2x AT-STs, 2x Golan Turrets, 2x Atgar Cannons, imperial pilots, Tarkin, Vader with a lightsaber, ugnaughts to repair turrets, and a probe droid!

Anyway, here's some pics showing some new stuff, and some new stuff among some old stuff!

Imperial Heavy APC under construction, part 1

Here's the two squads and commander of stormtroopers, that a heavy APC can transport. Here is the main chassis section of the vehicle:

Here is another few parts added to the model - the passenger compartment, and the beginnings of one of the side turrets:

I got two new AT-ST's today!!!! Awesome models. Here's the under-construction vehicle, with the two AT-ST's for scale:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Imperial Heavy APC

I've been looking at all the star wars universe vehicles in the entries at I usually play star wars miniatures without a 1" grid, in wilderness battles like any other tabletop wargame. I was thinking other than a handful of speeders, the AT-ST and the AT-AT, there aren't really any rebellion era vehicles in the miniatures game.

So, looking at the vehicles from teh computer games, comics, and novels, I'm picking some and attempting to make cardstock models of them in semi-scale to the miniatures, to expand my tabletop gaming :) If successful, I will probably make such models available for downloading with some instructions, for any other star wars miniatures gamers who also want to add vehicle combat into their games.

I'm beginning with troop transports for the rebels and imperials. The first model I'm going to work on, is the Imperial Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier. It was apparantly seen in the game Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. I think it would be a great way to spruce up my battlefields, with an imperial deployment zone containing one of these vehicles per 8 stormtroopers (I play with 4-man squads, so two squads per transport). So, with my figures, that would be three of these vehicles, to bring 24 stormtroopers onto the battlefield. The personnel tray jutting out of the middle of the vehicle carries the infantry. I'm tempted to make the tray slide in and out, so that I can actually put 8 miniatures inside the vehicle, when carrying them around, and slide it out and deploy the troopers when the game begins.

Anyway, here's a pic showing my current 3D model design, optimised for turning into a cardstock model, with a picture of a stormtrooper for rough scale comparison. Below it is the picture of the actual Heavy APC from the computer game. It has two swivel turrets at the front, and one repeating blaster mounted on the roof.

Imperials march on outpost

I don't have a battlemat at the moment, but I'm thinking of buying the Games Workshop 6x4 foot grass battlemat as a playing surface. At the moment though, my brown table makes a 'dirt' sort of surface suitable for forests and such. Anyhow, here's a shot at setup for an imperial vs rebel outpost assault, trying out the rebel tank.

more of the MLC-3 and a Maintenance Post

Here's the MLC-3, better showing it for scale purposes. On the left end of the rebel defence line is a Maintenance Post - another Kenner Hoth toy, but I can't remember what the official name of it was. Used to maintain and repair vehicles, etc. I haven't thought of any rules for that yet, probably just use it as a nice sized scenery piece.

more MLC-3 rebel tanks

I bought another one on ebay! This one has the 'glass' bubble canopy over the cockpit. Well, probably not glass, but some transparent blaster-resistant star warsy material. Anyway, I've been trying to come up with the stats and point value for the tank, and this is what I've come up with so far. Hopefully someone on the official star wars miniatures forums will be able to help me finalise the details on this :)

(update: 6-April-10: Someone on the forums has given me a new look card template, which is much better. I've adjusted the stats to something more useable and workable. I will add the final card with finished stats to this blog in a new entry when it is finished.)

MLC-3 Twin Laser Tank

I've been reading up on all the star wars vehicles - both movie and expanded universe, and came across an entry for a kenner toy rebel tank I had back in the 80's. I'm going to make a stat card for it so I can play it in my hoth battles! It's called the MLC-3 and has two laser cannons (or heavy blasters) on the front. Perfect for helping defend against AT-ST's and AT-AT's. There's supposed to be a glass dome over the cockpit, but I can't find the missing piece. Anyway, I'll just pretend there's an invisible dome force field over his head :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

salt is your friend

For that icy touch to terrain scenery, I discovered the joy of Salt. I didn't use sugar, so as not to attract ants onto the table. I'm not sure if they will ignore salt or not, but it looks good, and you can just shake it off the object when done, to remove the snowed-on look!

Friday, April 2, 2010

AT-AT approaches...

Got out my giant Kenner AT-AT, a toy I got for christmas back in the 80's. It's head is huge compared to the 'real thing', but it was designed to put action figures inside of it. Anyway, I still love it!

more ice world gaming

My 3D hoth map wasn't working out as I wanted. Having difficulty with the base's inner walls. While I think of other ways to do this, I had some more gaming fun. Making use of the hanger entrance, I created a battlefield 'outside a rebel base'. The imperials must defeat the outer defenders, before they can blast down the base doors and storm inside.
The forces on the table are just for decoration at the moment. I've got some more hoth and snowtrooper forces coming in the mail, and am still waiting for my star wars miniatures Golan turrets, atgar cannons, e-web blasters, AT-ST's, an AT-AT, and so forth, to arrive in the mail as well.
Anyway, before forces are selected for a battle (using what figures I currently own), I took this shot :)

(As always, clicking on blog pictures shows a bigger size image)