Saturday, March 27, 2010

Soliatire Star Wars Miniatures

I'm making a rules booklet for playing star wars miniatures by yourself, based on great Lord of the Rings solitaire miniatures rules another guy created.

Basically, you randomly assign counters to groups of figures. Unique individuals get black counters, non-unique groups get white counters. The counters are numbered from 1 upwards. They are shuffled and randomly placed face up beside each unique or group. Then the black counters get to move and act first, in order of their numbers. Then the white counters get to move and act next, in order of their numbers.

There's a few other rules and changes, but it's working great so far, and I'll add more to it as I do it.

Here's a pic showing counters on the table:

and another pic showing the view from the Rebel Platform, at the end of a turn.

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  1. For solo play SWM I've used Chain Reaction from Two Hour Wargames and have recently started to use Fantastic Worlds from Rat Trap Productions which has a great sci-fi pulpy feel to it.