Monday, March 22, 2010

Paul's Star Wars Miniatures Blog Begins

Now and then I'll stick something on this page. Basically, I love Star Wars miniatures, and collect the game by Wizards of the Coast. I only just found a store in Australia that lets me purchase individual figures, instead of having to buy boxes (that have random figures in them). So now I can plan and collect armies as I see fit!

I've also started buying scenery from MilSims.Com.Au, so I'll show things I get and how they look painted as well.

At some stage I might post battle reports on here too. My brother has one of the giant Realms of Battle boards from Games Workshop, and is currently painting it up into a rocky wasteland. It looks amazing! So at some stage, Imperial and Rebel forces will likely clash on his board!

Here's a pic from my table at home, with a paper printed mat to play on. This is before I got my latest scenery items, but shows the HeroScape walls on the left, and numerous crates and barrels I got from MilSims, that were already assembled and painted! (Click on pictures for full size)

Next are shots showing terrain pieces I have now, and a click-together platform kit (only a small platform, still cutting out the rest of the pieces to make bigger ones). The power generator is shown unpainted and painted, so you can see just how crazy yellow the raw model was :)

Unpainted Power Generator

Painted Power Generator

part of the click-together Platform kit

Industrial Stacks

Barrels and Crates, pre-painted!


  1. The paint job on the yellow thing to turn it into a power generator smoke stack with the metallic paint etc. makes it look waaaay better!

  2. Amazing man...just amazing! Do they still make some of these kits???

    1. the platform stuff was called: Platformer construction set by They have heaps of things on that site. Some of it is here: